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About IBS

Since its inception in 1995, IBS has been one of the best B-Schools in the country, providing excellent academic delivery and infrastructure to its students. At IBS, we offer innovative and globally accepted programs and great opportunities for all-round development. 100% case-based learning is unique to IBS. IBS transforms its students into leaders of the future.
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About IBS Alumni

Since 1997, more than 32000 alumni have passed out from IBS campuses across India.

These alumni are connected to each other via IBSAF (The IBS Alumni Federation). IBSAF gives IBS alumni access to endless opportunities to connect, build relationships, participate and continue to learn from the IBSAF community.
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IBS Advantage

Students at IBS have the advantage of developing a cross-functional knowledge base, with good synthesis of Indian and International perspectives.

Emphasis on Case-based Learning
Case-based learning is an important component of business education at IBS. Most of the courses are taught through real-life cases, designed to help bridge the gap between management theory and practice.
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what's new

  • Eighth National Conference On Indian Capital Market : Emerging Issues on February 7 - 8, 2014.

  • 4th International Conference on Applied Econometrics

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