A poetic tribute to the legend Sachin

Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin!! You may have millions of fans and devotees, and I too belong to that crowd, I have grown up seeing you represent our country which makes me feel immensely proud.

Every run you ever hit, made me realize what determination of a man is in face of adversity, when you shattered the opposition, I understood how self-discipline makes an individual- so mighty.

Your courage to stand up to the challenges is worth the thousands salutes, The numbers you have in front of your name, certainly convey your inner resolute.

You have already made century of centuries which is indeed a intimidating chore.

‘You are the superman from India’; and this country could not have asked you more.

Your humility and sincerity always stayed intact even after shackling tons of records, It is so pleasing to see a true sportsman who abides to his principles inspite of all the odds.

You have always looked up to the skies after achieving the milestone, And I look up to you for the master craftsmanship that you have always shown.

Your 24 years to cricket are worth applauding in rapt admiration of your skill,I feel blessed to see you hit sixes of the bowlers at your powerful will.

Your small but strong shoulders have so long endured the burden of zillion expectations,No doubt we all worship you as a ‘GOD of Cricket’ in awestruck appreciation.

An era will come to end with your retirement but your cricketing journey is a magnificent saga.

Your bulky bat striking the cherry has never been less than a musical raga.

Meeting you in this lifetime will be like a passionate dream getting materialized, I wish you all the very best Legend, for all your future goals whichever you may decide.


Mayank Bansal (Batch 2011, IBS Hyderabad)

You can reach him at: mkbansal125@gmail.com