2001: A Space Odyssey of the new millennium

Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY is a space-survival-film about how a medical engineer (masterfully played by Oscar winner Sandra Bullock) and a veteran astronaut (played by the delightfully charming George Clooney) deal with a terrifying situation during their mission. It’s akin to a 90-minutes virtual edge-of-the-seat emotionally electrifying space ride which puts you in the front seat. Unlike Stanley Kubrick’s 2001:A Space Odyssey, which was based on the ideas of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ & ‘Human Evolution’ and Ridley Scott’s ALIEN, which was a creature-based horror extravaganza, Gravity is a science-fiction chronicle which delicately balances science, fiction and entertainment. It does not give us even one chance to expand our suspension of disbelief by making the whole experience ultra-realistic and not resorting to cheap thrills. Here is a rare film (perhaps after AVATAR) which smartly uses 3D-effects and makes it all the more pleasurable to watch the vast expanse of unlimited space microscopically. A scene where a tear drop beautifully floats in space and crash-lands on your glasses is purely breath-taking. The technical aspects of the film including the cinematography, background score and visual effects are nothing short of brilliant. Sandra Bullock scores brownie points for showing her acting prowess once again while George Clooney delivers his usual charismatic act. Gravity is a highly recommended film for all movie-lovers, irrespective of its genre. It has already achieved cult-status among hard-core sci-fi fans like this reviewer. So, do yourself a favour and go watch it. You can thank me later. My verdict: 9/10.


Reviewed by:

  Pranshu Awasthi, IBS Gurgaon, Class of 2007

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