Life during College days

Bharat Sondhi

During our college days we always wished to be successful in the career and to grow richer however one wish that I have today is to go back to my college days. A time when pressure meant nothing, timelines were easy to achieve as we had friends to support us. Taking a leave from college never required approvals from teachers and principal. Life today is full of luxuries but the important thing that we have lost is the touch with the friends. Social networking sites and messaging software have replaced the conversations to a set of few messages. Having food at a posh restaurant means nothing today, a meal at a roadside vendor with friends was tastier. Today I feel how good it was to have so many mentors (Professors) as today we are on our own with the responsibility and accountability is always lingering over us as a threat.


Currently I am working with a fortune 500 organization which is into Information technology and am designated as Deputy Manager-Presales. The biggest threat that majority of our batch mates faced was recession of 2008-09. Many of us had a tough time but we emerged as phoenix. Since joining the current organization, have been promoted twice in the span of 3 years, have bagged an award at the foundation day function of the organization and is currently looked upon as a key member of Global business enablement BU of our organization.


During my tenure with the current organizations, had got the opportunity to train the subsidiaries in Singapore and Netherlands about the IT platform product offerings and recently had been to England for a trip with the family (A trip which was planned long back)


I wonder what could be the measure of success, is it money, travel, rewards and getting recognized for the work I do, well at times it comes in my mind will all days be glorious and bright...I guess not

Life always makes us go through a stream of good and bad phases, its during these days when things are low, very few encouragements that I sit and think of my days of glory which adds all the strength to fight back, regain the courage and follow the dream. The only inspiration one can ever give is always "you to yourself"

Bharat Sondhi
Batch – 2008
Campus – IBS Gurgaon

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