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Rahul Wadhwa

"We loose ourselves in the things we love and therein we find ourselves too"

A bit complicated but very well said. We find the real us when we don`t make up to the things we love. Let it be a break up in a relation or when we don`t make up in our professional career. We do not realize but both of these personal and professional gaps leave us with a zest to work on ourselves even harder.

We humans can not estimate the capabilities of our own brain and body. I know this is no different statement I am trying to make but in actual, 10 years down the line you might be surprised to see yourself and even your college mates at completely unexpected positions and hence this statement will have a practical implementation.

In some days, even you will be sitting for placements and I am sure most of you must be feeling of facing the interviews and group discussions is like facing the lion at the mehrauli zoo (quite new statement, right?).

Do you think you should be scared? Not scared but stressed. Well it`s good to be a bit stressed. I think stress is the reason of urge for improvement. It is the urge to be a more knowledgeable person (don`t forget the stress to look good is the reason for the girls hair color, rebound and boys colored pants and all funky hairstyles) and also it initiates competitive attitude. So you better be stressed! But do not be scared.

The feel of being scared will lead to murmuring of the voice during the interviews/GDs and will veil the actual person you are. Just be proud of what you are!! Your originality is something which everyone wants to buy.

Remember that small kid which sometime you were when your parents got you to school.

  • Those tuition classes.
  • Those late night studies.
  • Those high academic achievements.
  • Those failures and still overcoming them.

And now see what have you become from that small kid.

Today you carry some really intricate books and are comfortable doing some really complex assignments and problems. You are dealing with your own self on your own and managing your personal life as well.

So you have come a long way and have actually struggled your own to be where you are today. So that kid has actually gone through a lot to be a MBA professional. So before any one tells you that you have not worked much on yourself. Remember if that kid in you can. It`s not a milestone away. That minor working on you is a small stone of the journey.

So do not be scared, be stressed, you will surely have an urge to gain more knowledge and improve your communication skills which will lead to a positive competitive environment.

I am very sure you will make to a great professional profile of your interest. And yes maintain some fun in your life, travel.. Party.. Meet people.. Explore the complex human nature. It helps. Cheers!!!!

Rahul Wadhwa
Batch - 2013
Campus - IBS Gurgaon

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